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One common thing in cities today is the horrible traffic we all have to pass through almost every day of the week to get the things we require for our day to day activities. The question “why did it take you so long?” Is often a conversation starter, followed by further ranting, because no, sitting through long hours of traffic is just not worth it. The invention of some modern conveniences, such as shopping apps has made make life a little easier. And this makes one asks this question “Why should I shop in a mortar and brick stores at the height of a big weekend sale when I can just shop at home, work, in a Grab car, from wherever you are at whatever the time of day online? You can even plan your vacation online. (I personally would use Jet Set For Less).

This post is about to change your life if you aren’t frequent with the online shopping experience yet because I am about show you the wonders of e-commerce and all the benefits you will enjoy from shopping online


Shopping apps and websites make the very act of shopping convenient, isn’t it wonderful. Why walk out your door, sit in traffic for long hours and pay for parking and gas, when you can just shop with your phones or laptops while enjoying your coffee at work??


Right before going online, you are already saving some cash just by staying put and will no longer have to pay for either gas or parking. Then get to open your favorite shopping app and boom! You can enjoy lower prices and discounts for things that you know can cost twice as much at the mall because now, you can compare prices from other sellers too.


The risk of accidents or getting robbed is reduced and yes Of course you have to be shopping from our trusted shopping platform. You are allowed to pay with your credit or debit card, and you also have the option to pay via PayPal, which is considered among the safest modes of online payments.


One would like to avoid the crowds, when he does the shopping especially during festivals and special events. For online shopping one is not required to take time out of his busy schedule, It is just a few clicks away.


You get endless options for every product, ranging from video titles to handmade items, music to sports and outdoor wares, and apps to automotive offerings. One can compare prices, models and options more easily online quickly and easily. This help prevents you from running around several different retail stores.


Buyer’s remorse is real. Haven’t we all shopped for an item we regret buying in malls? Thanks to e-commerce websites that allow buyers and sellers to share product reviews, you know you’re getting what you pay for/ your money’s worth. There is a wealth of reviews and other information available online to allow you to choose between models and brands.

Sometimes we don’t get the chance to make it to mall hours to shop for, say a gift for our loved ones but with online shopping, you can shop as early as when you wake up in the morning or super late at night. So yeah, no more mall hours! Canvassing for something before actually making a purchase for the product is out if the way as well. Using the wish list functions, you can now literally window-shop right on your phone and buy later. No pressure or the need to reserve a product any more efficient, right?

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