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Amazon Top Five Family Games For Christmas : Willie Feliciano

Christmas is upon us and that means family members are going to be cramped into confined spaces like sardines. You could always open bust out monopoly and ruin relationships forever, but that gets old after a while. It’s time to look at some fun family games for Christmas that will keep you civil enough to survive the holidays!

5. Exploding Kittens

Chances are, you have children in attendance for the holidays. That means you’re going to need something funny that holds their attention for more than five minutes at a time that’s also entertaining for adults. Exploding Kittens accomplishes just that because if you draw an exploding kitten card, then you lose.

4. Jumanji

With the release of the new Jumanji movies with Dwayne Johnson, you’ll want to help bring the children back to the original with Robin Williams. Of course, you shouldn’t start what you don’t intend to finish. Jumanji has something for everyone of all ages who enjoy whichever Jumanji movie they grew up with.

3. Monopoly Unicorns And Llamas

We did say to stay away from Monopoly, but that’s the savage version where you’re fighting over property and money. This is the perfect game to play with children because it’s just all about collecting the cutest animals. Of course, there’s still the competitive edge of having these animals form rivalries for adults but keep it to yourself in the form of angry stares.

2. Jenga

It’s the holidays, your house (or whoever’s house you’re staying in) is already a mess. Why not lean into the chaos by having a stack of wood that crashes every time someone loses? You could always spice things up by having the loser be the one who cleans up and restacks the tower.

1. Family Feud: Disney Edition

Disney Plus just came out, so we’re sure the children are preoccupied with watching everything the streaming service has to offer. Although, there are many adults who are doing the same as well. Why not test your knowledge of all things Disney against each other?

Of course, that might destroy the household and cause a generation’s long feud within the family. Happy Holidays!

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