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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

From Willie & Patricia Feliciano

The past two years have genuinely been trying times, not just for us but for everyone around the globe. The business markets struggled financially, with numerous liquidations and layoffs, which significantly impacted most lives around us. However, during these struggling times, we have seen how the great majority of our customers have gone above and beyond to make sure to order from us and keep us running.

Although it is quite impossible to show and convey our appreciation in its entirety truly, all of our customers have genuinely supported us during the last few months. All-in-all, we would just like to express our humblest gratitude in our time of need.

We can say we have one of the most loyal and supportive customers with extraordinary pride. Without a grave doubt, we would not be here if it were not for you. We hope that our supporters will express similar and unparalleled devotion and dedication to our business for the many more years to come. We are nothing without our customers. Our success is dedicated to you.

We also have our dedicated team and employees to thank for. Quality, hardworking, and committed employees do not grow on trees and should be praised and acknowledged.


For the newcomers who are not aware of what we do, let us talk about who we are at ‘Whantz’. We are a significant member of Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, E-bay, Etsy, Wish, Shopify, Plus many other integrated online platforms.

At Whantz, we strive to provide our clients with a wide range of the most current and up-to-date products. We've come so far, so we know just where to go when it comes to providing you with high-quality yet affordable items. All of this is available while delivering exceptional customer service and helpful assistance.

We are continually looking for new trends and prioritize our clients' Whantz. That is why we have happy clients from all over the world and are excited to be a part of Whantz. We provide the most popular and the latest products from customer reviews, request and the latest trends.

.From various clothing options that are setting the trend, the most convenient utilities you need for your household, to the most aesthetic accessories and paintings that would make your room all that more extravagant. Our customers' best interests are always our primary focus, so we hope you appreciate our items as much as we cherish making them available to you. Once Again I wish you a very much APPRECIATED. THANKS FROM WHANTZ.COM.

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