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Social Media Marketing

By Ali Asghar

Best Social Media for Advertising

Advertising is a key marketing factor for any business which can allow businesses to connect with customers and share the product and service descriptions with them conveniently. The modern-day tech world requires aggressive marketing through social media platforms through which brand outreach can be maximized and target customers can be kept engaged. The organization's social media goals must be highly inclined at identifying the specific social media platforms which shall prove to be effective for advertising products and services.

Evolving marketing trends have resolved at classifying the following most effective social media platforms to advertise on:

1. Facebook Advertising:

Facebook is actively used globally and possesses the potential of excelling lead generation for all businesses. Facebook Advertising has a more targeted approach to E-Commerce businesses. The lead magnet approach and offering bundle products generate more converting leads which can be conveniently tackled using a targeted auto-responder which are merely a few attractive attributes of Facebook Advertising. This platform also provides advanced tactics of advertising which allows individuals to develop advertising campaigns through which a specific niche can be targeted and retargeted keeping the customers updated and engaged.

2. Instagram Advertising:

Instagram engages the social media users through photos and videos enabling quicker delivery of the message to a larger set of audience. The images can be easily shared through Instagram aiming to market products and services to a custom audience. The pixel tracking feature of this platform develops a custom audience through targeted algorithms which promotes impulse buying behavior within the audience at a whole new level. Hashtags are used for targeting the specific niche through which marketing approaches have been remodeled and evolved in a highly distinguished manner.

3. Twitter Advertising:

Twitter operates using a different mechanism through which unparalleled access is developed which engages the niche and mainstream influencers. The platform operates through connecting the people and develop an organic engagement medium using which brands save money developing an effective marketing campaign. Through Twitter, marketing aspects are aligned using a catchy image, develop a lead magnet and engage customers through promoting prioritized content.

4. Pinterest Advertising:

Pinterest is unique and feminine focused as a huge volume of users of Pinterest are women. This platform is highly active amongst its users and enables high levels of engagement where sharing of custom creations and products is highly promoted. The Pinterest board aims at addressing a specific demographic of new millennial women and claims success for the products targeting this specific niche. The alignment of advertising data is difficult with Pinterest but with development towards social media, usage has made advertising using Pinterest cheaper for the individuals. The core focus of Pinterest is towards creativity, trends and customer engagement which enables linking the pins with the clicks.

5. Snapchat Advertising:

Snapchat is a relatively newer platform in the industry which has several competitive offerings in the industry. The Snapchat Advertising platform is shining amongst the users with a different approach towards objective marketing. Snapchat offers services such as Snap Ads, Sponsored Lenses, Snapchat Discover, Sponsored Local Geo-filters using which individuals can develop advertisement campaigns targeted to promote their specific products.

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