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Top 10 Back to School Items during 2020 Pandemic Willie Feliciano

Whose ready going back to school? You're probably feeling thrilled or maybe a little sad that lock-down is over, but seeing friends you haven't seen in past few months can make the first day a good one but make sure you don’t forget to follow the safety measures.

A big question parents have in their mind these days is how students can go back to school safely during this pandemic situation as many schools are gearing up. In this article, we are listing best-selling school supplies list so that you can easily find out your best one.

To help you stretch your hard-earned dollars, we’ve analyzed must-have products to help you make good choices when shopping for your young scholars.

Top 10 Back to School Going Essentials: We ( talked to multiple specialists about the best ways we can support our children’s for the safest experience possible while making it more fun-oriented than before. Let’s have a look to the items you must-have for their kids:

  1. Tooth Brush...Phillips Sonicare Rechargable toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is essential before going back to school – This smart cleaning toothbrush by Philips will help to improve your gum health better than your manual yet ordinary one. Its built-in smart pressure sensor protects gums from excess brushing pressure which causes bleeding. Start your day by brushing your teeth and make your school going experience memorable.

Preparing yourself for school, especially your hairs might be difficult after the lock down, but would like to simplify it. This REVLON Hair Dryer and Volumizer designed with Hot Air Brush to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a single step. Now, you can get yourself ready for school in just a minute.

Traveling is the most boring part while going to school but not anymore! Because with this smart touch control ear-pods, you can enjoy the dull and dreary roads by listening to your favorite music. Its smart yet engineered design offers an authentic yet powerful sound with a secure fit, which will make you fall in love with this design

Now, carrying sanitizers is equally important with the rest of your school essentials because it becomes mandatory for the health and safety of ourselves and others. This hand sanitizer allows you to touch anything without having a fear of being infected. This plant-based hand sanitizer keeps hands germ-free on the go.

This fantastic six-pack of notebooks lets you instantly color-code your subjects. These books are 3-hole punched to fit a standard binder, making it strong and durable. A sturdy snag-resistant winding keeps your pages secure and resists catching on backpacks. These notebooks will take your writing experience to the next level for sure.

If you’re a student of mathematics, physics or chemistry then you must-have something which will make you unique from the rest of the students. This state-of-the-art color graphics calculator is faster, smarter, and stronger than ordinary calculators. It helps you to draw and distinguish between different graphs with color-coded equation in an easy way.

You Can Still Look Good Even When Wearing A Face Mask!

Fashion Spring, Summer, Winter... Every Season Mouth Face Mask.

Add a little color to your quarantine with one of these Face Masks that are washable and reusable!

Enjoy high-end quality, Fashionable Face Masks for all Ages and Genders.

Your kids will have either outgrown or worn out their current pair of shoes – So, you must a have good pair of shoes that would complement their style and performance. These Adidas shoes inspired by running enthusiast feature an upper foot-hugging knit and friendly fit. It allows you to wear all day round without being discomfort at school.

AN ABSOLUTE JOY TO USE” this selection of 72 premium colored pencils have fast become the ‘pencil set of choice’ for thousands of aspiring artists and colorists who dream of creating beautiful artwork in this popular medium. The rich, velvety leads are highly pigmented, and lay down lots of vivid color with minimal effort, making these easy-to-use pencils an absolute must!

Being in lockdown, you must have put on some weight which needs to shred fast. This fantastic apple watch lets you enjoy your fitness routine while making you more stylish than before in your circle.

Going back to school might be a fun, thrilling activity but don’t forget to follow safety measures for a long yet healthy headed journey. I hope some of these back to school ideas

were helpful. WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL.....

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